Herman Washington

Herman’s career in broadcasting spans more than 35 years.  For 22 years, he anchored and reported news at WHUR Radio in Washington, D.C., where he also served as host of the Insight Segment on the station's news program The Daily Drum.  Prior to joining WHUR, Herman reported news for NBC radio affiliate WRC News Talk Radio, and served as news director for AM radio station WOL.

Herman Reads Dr. Sebi - Herman Washington
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"When he gave speeches, it seemed like teachable moments. . . I wanted to duplicate his moods because he was re-living some of the things that happened in his early life. . . He was a smart man but he didn't think he was smart because things just came easy to him."  -- Herman's comments about narrating Dr. Sebi

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Beverly Oliver

Beverly is a writer and creative artist.  She is a former broadcaster at WHUR-FM 96.3 and WLUM-FM.  She produced Seven Days in Usha Village, working with narrator Herman Washington, audiobook producer Deyan Audio Services, voiceover actor Victor Huzvar, and A-Train Entertainment, distributor and permissions granter for musician and composer Ray Obiedo. 

Excerpt from the Introduction - Beverly Oliver
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